Global Mental Health at Harvard

Global Mental Health at Harvard (DGHSM)- Harvard Medical School:

During the past decades the field of global mental health has evolved rapidly, thanks to the groundbreaking work by pioneers such as Arthur Kleinman and Vikram Patel, among others. Dr. Vigo has worked closely with them as a doctoral student and Faculty at Harvard Medical School. Alongside Vikram Patel and Bepi Raviola, Dr. Vigo co-developed a course, Case Studies of Global Mental Health Delivery, which is still being taught with enormous success and has become a book, Case Studies in Global Mental Health, to be published by MIT Press. Below are examples of Dr. Vigo’s work at the DGHSM.

Case Studies in Global Mental Health Delivery.
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A Partnership for Transforming Mental Health Globally

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Out of the Shadows: Making Mental Health a Global Development Priority

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