Dr. Daniel Vigo appointed as Lead Psychiatrist of BC’s Assertive Community Treatment Advanced Practice Initiative

Last year, the BC Ministry of Health announced new funding for nine Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams across the province. Our principal investigator Dr. Daniel Vigo has been appointed as Lead Psychiatrist alongside Courtney Devane who will be the operational lead.

British Columbia has decided to strengthen our ACT services, one of the few evidence based models of care for individuals suffering from severe mental health and substance use disorders. This treatment has been expanding through BC and Canada, and our province has now created an advance practice initiative to focus both funds and expertise on this province-wide strategy. ACT is an interdisciplinary recovery-oriented mental health model using psychosocial rehabilitation, on-going community services, intensive services and small caseloads, and flexible services. This project is going to significantly expand upon existing ACT services by improving service delivery, evaluations, and clinician/manager support and supervision.

A few objectives of the ACT initiative are:

  • Create a province-wide network facilitating ACT team implementation
  • Provide direct support to clinicians and managers
  • Develop online tools including training curriculums, websites, and platforms to exchange data and information
  • Produce a standard implementation toolkit and an accredited evaluation process